S'more Than Camp
by Scott Arizala

In S'More Than Camp, Scott Arizala lays the foundation for best practices when working with campers. From his years of experience as a camp person and in the trenches as a youth development professional, he shares the fundamental concepts and key skills to understanding the experience of summer camp and working with kids. He offers insights into working with groups, leadership skills, communication strategies, and so much more. S'More Than Camp is the road map for everyone that aspires to give kids all they deserve.

"Scott Arizala writes in a hip, upbeat, catchy way that will be a hit with your staff - easy to read and right on target! His anecdotes and humor make the learning memorable. I only wish I'd written it!" - Bob Ditter, M.Ed., L.C.S.W., Consultant, & Author

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S'More Than Camp
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