The Camp Counselor










The Camp Counselor









The Camp Counselor works with summer camps training their staff, designing programs, guiding administrators, writing curriculum and a whole lot more! Consultant and Trainer, Scott Arizala, specializes in energetic, fun and professional workshops on a range of topics.

  • Summer Camp Staff Training & Training Events
  • Mid-Summer Consultation
  • Administrative & Leadership Counseling
  • General Camp Consulting
  • Conferences, Workshops & Other Professional Events


Scott Arizala, founder and CEO, has been involved with camps and youth development for over thirty years as a camper, counselor, administrator, teacher and consultant. As a professional speaker and educator, he has given keynotes, workshops, seminars and educational sessions at numerous professional conferences, training events, and organizations.

Mission Statement

The Camp Counselor is dedicated to creating the best summer camp experience for all children. Through consultation, training and counseling, The Camp Counselor provides support, education, and direction for all camp professionals, programs and staff.


Staff Training & Camp Consulting







Staff Training & Camp Consulting







Summer Staff Trainer

"It is an absolute pleasure working with Scott Arizala. He is an expert in the youth development and camping world. He understands the issues and challenges counselors face at the ground level and can relate with camp staff in ways very few speakers can. His sessions always have amazing energy, funny and incredible content and takeaways for our staff."

Dan O'Neil
Congressional Schools

"Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our staff orientation. He is a dynamic leader and our staff are better prepared for the challenges and joys of working at camp after his training sessions. Scott sets himself apart by personalizing training sessions to our camp's specific goals and needs. We always look forward to his summer visit and are grateful for our relationship with Scott."

Niki Papak
Banner Day Camp

Summer Training & Development

Specializing in half-day and full day events, Scott will bring the training to you, your camp, or to a camp in your area.
Popular Topics:

  • Communication Skills
  • Camper Behavior Management
  • Counseling Skills
  • Problem Solving & Conflict Management
  • Bullying & Teasing
  • Diversity
  • Dealing with Sensitive Topics
  • Homesickness
  • Decision Making and Risk Management
  • Special Needs Programming
  • Mainstreaming Programs


Mid-Summer Slump – The Energy Crisis Trainings

Bring Scott in for a day or more in the middle of your camp program. It's time to refocus and reenergize with one-on-one meetings, small group work, on the ground problem solving, and much more.
Popular Topics:

  • Energy, Enthusiasm & Creativity
  • Working with Difficult Campers
  • Counseling Skills
  • Time Management
  • Patience
  • Understanding Behavior


Have you seen The Scott Arizala Show?  Over 25 episodes of advice and training for free!  Click here

Have you seen The Scott Arizala Show?  Over 25 episodes of advice and training for free!  Click here

Administrative & Leadership Counseling

  • Goal Setting
  • Supervision & Leadership
  • Leadership Training for Managers & Supervisors
  • Professional Development
  • Time Management
  • Training for Trainers
  • Developing Staff Training

Camp Consulting

  • Program Observation & Evaluation
  • ACA Standards
  • Developing Policies & Procedures
  • Evaluations
  • Marketing
  • Effecting Positive Change
  • Progessive Programming
  • Teen Programming
  • Getting & Keeping Young Campers
  • Character Development
  • Facility Development



Chasing Summer

Chasing Summer


Chasing Summer is our new non-profit that specializes in creating access for children and families with autism and 22q deletion syndrome.

Through programs like Camp Tall TreeExplorers and Professional Development & Training
for individuals, any size organization, or budget.

Check us out here!

























Smore Than Camp




Smore Than Camp




S'more Than Camp
by Scott Arizala

In S'More Than Camp, Scott Arizala lays the foundation for best practices when working with campers. From his years of experience as a camp person and in the trenches as a youth development professional, he shares the fundamental concepts and key skills to understanding the experience of summer camp and working with kids. He offers insights into working with groups, leadership skills, communication strategies, and so much more. S'More Than Camp is the road map for everyone that aspires to give kids all they deserve.

"Scott Arizala writes in a hip, upbeat, catchy way that will be a hit with your staff - easy to read and right on target! His anecdotes and humor make the learning memorable. I only wish I'd written it!" - Bob Ditter, M.Ed., L.C.S.W., Consultant, & Author

Visit the S'more than Camp website


S'More Than Camp
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My Camps

My Camps

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Camp Tall tree Provides a traditional summer camp experience for camps with autism & 22q deletion syndrome in Main Camp, emerging adults with autism & 22q deletion syndrome in Explorers, and a unique program for Siblings of kids with special needs.

Our Mission

Camp Tall Tree provides a traditional summer camp experience for children with unique challenges. Our program focuses on personal development through positive and fun experiences in a natural environment.

Our Philosophy

We Dream Big. Stand Tall. BRANCH OUT. Take root.

At Camp Tall Tree we believe that every child should have access to the fun and community that Summer Camp provides.



Stomping Ground is an inclusive community practicing radical empathy and re-imagining a world where more is possible. We engage at an unprecedented level to keep campers safe, both physically and emotionally.